How to Set HP to Gacor Orders (Gopartner APK)

Cara Setting Gojek gacor Untuk Xiaomi Bagi para driver yang menggunakan HP Xiaomi, di bawah ini adalah beberapa trik yang bisa dilakukan How to Set HP to Keep Orders Entering.  The Gojek application is now increasingly known by the public and also more and more people are using it. Not only providing shuttle services using cars and motorbikes, Gojek also provides other services. One of them is food delivery service.

However, with the increasing number of people who use the Gojek application, there are also many people who become Go-Jek drivers, so the competition between the two is getting tougher. These drivers definitely want a lot of orders to enter their accounts.

Therefore, the solution to get a lot of orders on a gojek account is to download the Gopartner application. This application setting will make it easier for drivers to get as many orders as possible. This also gives the opportunity for the GPS driver to be read by the Gojek server properly. However, it is also necessary to know that apart from knowing the tricks of setting up the Gojek GPS, drivers also need to consider other things. Among them are smartphone specifications and also the secret of Gopartner gacor.

How to set up Gojek gacor for Xiaomi

For drivers who use Xiaomi cellphones, below are some tricks that can be done when you want to get a lot of incoming orders. Do this step correctly:

1. Enable Developer Mode (developer mode). In this step, go to Settings , then About Phone. After that, press several times on the MUI version option. This aims to bring up a notification telling you that the phone is already in Developer Mode.

2. Start GPS Setup. In addition, drivers are also required to know how to set Google Maps for Gojek. Why? Because this has an effect that is no less important. If the developer mode has been activated, then setting the GPS is the next step in a way as below.

The trick is to open the Settings menu -> System & Devices -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Location -> Select High Accuracy. With high accuracy, the Gojek system can easily detect the presence of drivers.

How to Setting Gojek Gacor for Oppo A3S and Realme

Below are some ways to get the GPS to be read by the Gojek server to get lots of incoming orders.

1. Update the Gojek Driver and Google Maps Application. This gives gojek drivers the opportunity to get the latest updates on the applications they are using. With the latest update, drivers and passengers will have a strong connection. Not only that, customers will feel comfortable ordering a gojek.

2. Don't Root HP. This is not recommended because it can eliminate some of the previous settings.

3. Diligently Clean Chace and File Junk In HP Storage Space. By routinely cleaning the rest of the application garbage (cache), the quality of the cellphone will be even better. If so, then it is possible that many orders will come in.

4. Turn on Notifications from the Gojek Application. The existence of notifications is also one thing that should not be missed. Because this will show that there is an order that enters the account and must be kept immediately. Therefore, make sure that notifications are always active.

How to use the Gopartner application for multiple orders

Until we get to the settings in the Gopartner application. Some things to note are:

Performance History. The speed of an order is influenced by the history of performance. Make sure your driver friend accepts orders quickly so that later they will be used as prioritized drivers.

Number of Order Requests. By using the Gopartner application, this will also affect the number of order requests received. The influence of a location is also very important, so as a driver it is necessary to recognize the location when activating the Gopartner application, whether it is stuck or not. Then the driver also needs to pay attention to the ways below:

  • Make sure not to be picky about the order
  • Pay attention to order status & settings (autobid)
  • Ensuring cash and deposits are in sufficient condition
  • Visiting busy areas at the right time.
  • Provide effective and regular intervals.
  • Adequate device
  • Online early
  • Drivers should also avoid the following:
  • Activate the account only when you want to check whether there is an order or not.
  • Install the Go-Jek application and Go-Car mod, because it has a big impact.
  • Ignoring and even canceling incoming orders. Whatever the reason, don't let the driver cancel the order, because this can reduce Gojek's trust in the driver.
  • Leaving the gopartner app active even when it's resting.
  • Committed several types of violations as a gojek driver.

Well, those are some ways to set HP for Gacor Orders that drivers can do on the Gopartner application. Do the method above and avoid things that are not recommended to be able to get a lot of orders.

How to Set HP to Gacor Orders (Gopartner APK)
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